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3 Pamphlets on Capital Punishment

By: De Haan, Richard W; Williams, Christopher J; McDowell, W J

Price: £1.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Various, 1980

. God, Law and Capital Punishment (De Haan); No Hanging: The Death of Justice (Williams); Should the Murderer be Put to Death? (McDowell). Some neat red pen underlining. View more info

A Christian Manifesto

By: Schaeffer, Francis A

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Westchester, Crossway Books, 1984

Edition: Revised Edition

. 157 pages. View more info

A Lecture: The Heart, Mind and Soul of Communism

By: Schwarz, Fred

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Weybridge, Bible Christian Unity Fellowship, 1960

. 16 pages. View more info

Abortion: The Personal Dilemma: A Christian Gynaecologist Examines the Medical, Social and Spiritual Issues

By: Gardner, Reginald Frank Robert

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Exeter, Paternoster Press, 1972

Edition: First Edition?

. 288 pages. View more info

Abortion: The Silent Holocaust

By: Powell, John

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Allen, Texas, USA, Tabor Publishing, 1990

. 183 pages. A Roman catholic author writes about the issues around abortion and how each of us can counter it with a message of love. View more info

Abortion: What the Bible Says: Tabernacle Booklet No 13

By: Sargent, J A (Tony)

Price: £0.75

Publisher: Worthing, Worthing Tabernacle, 1984

. 13 pages. View more info

Art and the Bible: Two Essays

By: Schaeffer, Francis A

Price: £1.00

Publisher: London, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd ( L'Abri Special), 1973

Edition: First Edition

. 61 pages, paper somewhat browned. View more info

Asians in Britain: A Christian Understanding

By: Sookhdeo, Patrick

Price: £0.75

Publisher: Exeter, Paternoster Press, 1977

Edition: First Edition?

. 64 pages. Looks at the early influx of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis into Britain, and considers the religions of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Buddhism, and considerations for churches when reaching out to them. View more info

Behind a Frowning Providence

By: Murray, John J

Price: £0.75

Publisher: Edinburgh, Banner of Truth Trust, 1990

. 30 pages. Two copies available at the time of cataloguing - please ask. View more info

Beyond Choice: The Abortion Story No One Is Telling

By: Baker, Don

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Portland, Multnomah Publishers, 1990

. 96 pages, paper browned and water-stained. View more info

Beyond the Winter Night: Hope in the Face of Death

By: Brown, Elaine

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Tain, Christian Focus Publications, 1995

. 142 pages, on bereavement. Paper slightly browned. View more info

Blind Alley Beliefs

By: Cook, David

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, Pickering and Inglis, 1979

Edition: First Edition

. 127 pages, paper (especially edges) slightly browned. On Scientific Materialism, Humanism, Communism, Existentialism. View more info

Britain Under Siege

By: O'Reilly, Alan

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Nuneaton, Christian Concern, 2000

. 78 pages, undated. It appears possible that the publisher may now be called Christian Watch and may not be the same as the organisation Christian Concern for our Nation, now known as Christian Concern. View more info

Britain's Final Warning

By: O'Reilly, Alan

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Nuneaton, Christian Watch, 2006

. 20 pages, undated. Some neat red pen marking. View more info

Calvin and Commerce: The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies (Calvin 500)

By: Hall, David W; Burton, Matthew D

Price: £5.75

Publisher: Phillipsburg, P & R Publishing, 2009

. xxvi + 225 pages. View more info